• 2016 Majors Tour
    2016 Majors Tour RidgeSpeed Racing is gearing up for the 2016 Majors Tour! Matt's ITR 325 is being converted to STU and will hopefully be making an appearance at the 2016 Runoffs! RidgeSpeed will be traveling to a variety of new tracks this year including Mid-Ohio, VIR and Pitt!

Welcome to RidgeSpeed Racing!

RidgeSpeed Racing was created in 2005 by Matt Rooke and Andrew Warren of Basking Ridge New Jersey. A true grassroots effort, the goal of RidgeSpeed from day one was to support fellow racers and promote club racing to a new generation of motorsport enthusiasts. We currently campaign cars in SCCA Club Racing, and various other forms of motorsport. RidgeSpeed Racing has become a major player in SCCA regional racing including several championships in the Professional Improved Touring Series. For 2016 Matt will be running in the Eastern Conference of the SCCA Majors Tour. We look forward to another great season!


Driver Lineup Finalized for 2014 Devil in the Dark

We are excited to announce the driver lineup for the 2014 Devil in the Dark 12 hour endurance race. Newcomer Robby Foley will join RidgeSpeed veterans Matt Rooke, John Hainsworth, and Tom Smith behind the wheel of our new ITS RX7! We are very excited to have Robby on board and are looking forward to a great event. RidgeSpeed driver Andrew Warren will be joining the team as crew chief.


RidgeSpeed's Enduro Team Scuderia Zissou begins prep for the 12 hour

RidgeSpeed Racing / Scuderia Zissou is happy to announce that we will be running in the 2013 Devil in the Dark 12 hour endurance race! We will once again be running Andrew's Spec Miata which has been proven to be an excellent chassis for endurance racing. The car will be piloted by RidgeSpeed drivers John Hainsworth, Matt Rooke, Tom Smith and Andrew Warren. Work has already begun on the car and we look forward to a fantastic race! Want to get involved? Contact us!

RidgeSpeed Race Series

The U.S. Majors Tour is the pinnacle of championship racing in North America. This isn't Easy Street. This is where America's best amateur drivers race. It means start-to-finish, wheel-to-wheel action. It's where drivers not only put their cars on the track, they put their pride on the line.

The Fidelity Power Systems Pro IT Series is road racing at its best! Sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America, Pro IT events showcase the best amateur road racing in the northeast.

RidgeSpeed in Action!

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